Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving the Block (video)

So I know everyone heard that we made a short clip about the moving of the block. Due to some recording issues, we weren't able to do a voice-over, but the clip seems to be fairly self explanatory! If you have any questions at all, or even a quick little comment, be SURE to leave us a comment below!

The block's new home is over by the entrance columns that were salvaged from Minshall, which are now in Walker circle between the Hub and East College.


  1. That's so great, Im glad you were able to recover the block and have it on display. Will there be a small sign next to the block? Any guesses on how much it weighs?

    1. Well, there is a sign in Walker circle explaining that the columns are from Minshall, which is why we put the stone there. We do not yet have a sign for the stone because we do not know if this will be its permanent home.

      At a guess, I'd say the block is around 500-600 pounds.


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